Frequently asked questions


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How do I know which treatment to have?

At your first consultation, Eileen will take a full history of your health and assess your needs. She will explain from a holistic perspective what is happening to you and which treatment, or combination of treatments will be the most effective for you. See also Problems That Can Be Helped.

“Having suffered for 20 years from migraine, after 2 weeks they were dramatically reduced, and I felt absolutely wonderful.”
Kath Clarke, Horsham

How many treatments will I need?

Naturally this will depend on your condition, how long you have had symptoms and how rapidly you respond to treatment. Most people feel improvement very quickly, within 3 to 4 treatments, sometimes after 1, whilst others with a more chronic and long term problem have regular monthly or 6 weekly treatments after an initial course.

In classical Chinese texts, it is recommended that once a more balanced condition is reached, it is most beneficial to have seasonal treatments i.e 4 times a year, as each season approaches to ensure a smooth transition into the change that each brings, both environmentally and seasonally. For cosmetic acupuncture and facial rejuvination click here.

Does acupuncture hurt?

The acupuncture needles used are very fine, and whilst you may feel them slightly at times, at others you may not feel them at all. Acupressure, sports and shiatsu massage can be strong and feels more like relief than pain, and of course is given to suit the individual.

“Eileen’s hands always seem to get to the point and know where I need them, intuitively she seems to know how to treat me, I love her head massages and can feel all the tension and pain leave my body, its such a relief!”
Pam Watkins, Horley

How does the treatment work?

Our bodies are subjected daily to stress and pressure, from the foods we eat, environmental factors, our emotions, speed of living etc.. all of which distort the fine balance of our bodies. Chinese medicine, in all its forms works to correct this imbalance and strengthen from within the internal workings of our organs and meridians. It is not always easy to understand or explain how, but the proof is definitely in the effects created.