Hopi ear candles

Hopi ear candle treatment

Hopi ear candles have a light suction chimney-like effect on the ears that feels warm and pleasant. One end of the hopi ear candle is lit whilst the other end is held inside the ear. The effect and feeling is like having an inner ear massage and can be very effective at treating sinus, headache and earache problems, as well as being great for stress and the nervous system.

The vibration caused by the flame burning moves through the hopi ear candle, reaching the eardrum, moving down to the inner ear bones, and vibrating to the Eustachian tubes and sinuses. This vibration coupled with the heat helps break down wax and mucus which blocks the ears and head.

It is very common to feel great relief after the hopi ear candles have burned down, almost like the thickness in one’s ears and head has cleared, and because of the release of herbal essences within the candle, a great feeling of releasing stress and tension can be experienced.

For safety reasons hopi ear candles can only be used with another person assisting.