Baby massage

Baby sleeping

Baby massage has been used for hundreds of years, because of its many benefits, most especially in that it strengthens the bond between parent and baby, building great trust and confidence enabling us to understand the baby’s body language more, making them feel safe and loved. This deepening of the relationship in turn means the baby is more confident and comfortable in their own skin, and will therefore be more content.

“Eileen did wonders with my daughters, using acupuncture and baby massage to help with tonsillitis and the cold-like symptoms that it caused. Being able to treat the children without resorting to pharmaceuticals was fantastic.”
Luisa, Reigate

Modern living can be very busy, but taking a 10 minute break in the day to connect in this way, can have very long-lasting effects, including:

  • Development of the mind and body co-ordination
  • Nourishing the skin and promoting circulation
  • Encourages relaxation for both baby and can promote lactation for mum
  • Promotes touch, the 1st language that babies learn
  • Helps the baby to feel strong, safe and secure
  • Enables parent to feel confident holding their baby
  • Increases pleasure for both and can help with post natal depression

The early months of a babies life are very important in establishing patterns, and at times all babies encounter some discomfort, either from their digestion, teeth or sleep, and this is a very simple, yet effective way to soothe them and relieve some tension.