Women’s health and fertility

Acupuncture to help fertility

Maintaining a healthy balanced life-style for many women is a often a day by day challenge. It is not easy to always eat the right food, to find time to work, exercise, rest and play, and even those who do maintain and good balance are in no way immune for a number of health issues ranging from headaches, menstrual problems, poor digestion and energy, to more serious internal problems such as endometriosis, osteoporosis and obesity.

Many of these problems have been linked to hormonal imbalances, which can be very difficult to detect and treat conventionally. Often Women may find themselves in a downward spiral emotionally when their bodies seem to be out of balance, with symptoms persisting almost to be point of being the ‘norm’.

The aim of acupuncture and Chinese medicine is to assist the flow of energy or Qi around the body, so that all of our vital organs start to be supported more efficiently and that any excesses or deficiencies are re-balanced. At times results can be instant, and at other times more gradual, with symptoms gradually decreasing and well-being increasing.

Despite maybe having similar symptoms, each person is an individual, and is given advice and treatment accordingly.

With regard to fertility, research has found that acupuncture has a very positive effect on conception and on well being during pregnancy. The good health of both parents will naturally increase the chances of producing healthy babies, whether through natural conception or IVF

“Eileen’s treatments really chilled me out and increased by general well-being, as well as most definitely enabled me to conceive very quickly!”
Melanie Martinez, Crawley Down.

Pregnancy can be a wonderful experience, but for some it comes with a number of health issues such as nausea and sciatica! These and others can be safely treated with acupuncture, and the birth can be assisted by mother feeling at her optimum health having had treatment throughout, or having treatment during delivery, which both eases pain as well as supports the bodies natural processes.