Exercises for health


In response to numerous requests from patients about what they can do to help themselves, Eileen is able to give either individual or group exercise advice/classes combining stretching and balance movements from a number of eastern and western traditions. Each programme is designed to be enjoyable and takes into account the health and fitness levels of each person or class, leading to an increased awareness of our bodies, minds and environments. Some of the exercises can be done in pairs where pressure points and gentle support is used making the classes more lively and fun!

“It doesn’t seem to matter what is wrong with me or where the pain is, Eileen always seems to go straight to it and ease the pain and problem, I leave feeling like I’m floating on air.”
Brian Eade, Reigate

When our bodies move, so does our energy or qi and we can control in which way it moves and how to release stagnation and discomfort. When we strengthen our core energy and improve our balance and co-ordination, our energy starts to surge more powerfully and we feel rejuvenated. Regaining this positive control over our bodies is very empowering especially if our health has not been what we would like it to be, so as well as increasing well being, we gain greater mental confidence in overcoming the numerous challenges that can assail us daily!