Healthy eating and living

Healthy food

As well as specific acupuncture treatments to improve metabolism and food cravings, in response to the frequently asked questions like ‘what can I do to help myself?’ and ‘which foods are best for me to eat?’ Eileen can give advice on particular food groups that compliment or work against the healing/slimming process for your individual needs.

“I have learnt about nutrition and health foods over the years with Eileen mostly by watching her create beautiful meals and eating them with her! The relaxed way in which Eileen cooks and creates delicious meals really made me believe that to eat in a healthy whole food way didn’t have to be time consuming or stressful.I have found myself becoming excited about cooking with wholefoods and have felt the physical benefits from this. The most inspiring thing however is the way in which Eileen challenges her own health issues and ultimately heals herself through choosing the right food for her.”
Rachel, Surrey

For thousands of years Chinese medicine has recognised the link between what we put inside our bodies and how we feel. At times changes are felt instantly and at others it is more gradual, but what is certain is that a healthy diet is essential in maintaining a balanced life-style. The length of food lists and convenient cooking methods available makes it an enjoyable and tasty experience rather than a dull and oppressive regime of abstinence.

As well as considering the western approach of fat, protein, vitamin and mineral content, lets take a look at some of the energetic qualities of food

  • YIN FOODS – such as avocado, egg, peas and seaweeds are cooling and nourishing to a depleted and overheated person.
  • YANG FOODS- such as ginger, walnuts, garlic and trout will warm and energise someone who has low metabolism and cold symptoms.
  • BLOOD FOODS- such as watercress, apricots and sardines help raise levels.
  • ENERGY FOODS – tend to be sweet and warm, such as grapes, chicken and squash which build our qi levels.
  • DAMP and PHLEGM FOODS- such as cheese, bread and sugar can contribute to poor digestion and tiredness, as well as breathing and skin problems, as opposed to damp removing foods such as garlic, alfafa, lemon and mackerel which help resolve dampness in the body.

Other foods improve circulation and remove stagnation, the power of food is truly amazing! Some of these terms may not be so familiar in the west, but every condition has an energetic explanation, and food is one of a number of ways we can gain control back with our bodies and health, and can also of course be such a great pleasure in daily life.