Massage, cupping and moxa therapy

Moxa therapy

Eileen often combines massage, cupping and moxa with acupuncture treatments, as these are excellent at relieving tension, promoting well-being, removing toxins from the body and enhancing energy levels.

Massage can also be given without acupuncture, depending upon the individual, and the part of the body that is causing a problem, as well as being a more relaxing and pleasurable experience, working on the nervous system and thereby helping with daily stresses and fatigue.

“Eileen’s hands always seem to know which part of my body needs treatment and goes directly to the painful parts almost instinctively. I feel a great sense of relief after massage and my stresses seem to vanish as I leave feeling so uplifted and relaxed. Pam Middleton, Horley

Cupping has been used for many years in the East as a deep form of massage and movement of blood through the muscles. I can be very effective at eliminating toxins and building the body’s own defence against pathogens, so is frequently used when people have a cold, flu or bronchitis. It is painless, yet feels very powerful and energising.

Moxa is also very safe and effective at restoring energy when one feels depleted. Moxa therapy is often used for stress and anxiety, as well as for symptoms of cold and stagnation. It is also very commonly known to assist in turning a breech baby. Either cones, sticks or moxa on the end of the needles is used, and a pleasurable warmth is experienced as the part of the body responds to the therapy.