Childhood problems and treatment

Child hand

I have found treating children an absolute joy, as they respond so quickly!

“You exude a competence that is coupled with a rare, calm and child friendly manner, listening to the children so that they do not feel scared, but involved and in control. You are very generous with your knowledge and have been happy to help teach me how to massage my children at home. We leave feeling uplifted and relaxed.”
Catherine, Reigate

Many childhood problems can be categorised into three types

  • Those related to the lungs, such as frequent colds, coughs, sinus infections, and more seriously eczema, asthma, or pneumonia. Acupressure, acupuncture and Chinese herbs have a very strengthening effect on the lungs and build resistance to external pathogens…
  • Contagious diseases which lead to fevers and skin eruptions such as chickenpox, scarlet fever and slap cheek…..whilst maybe a natural part of a developing immune system, also respond very quickly to treatment by lessening the severity of symptoms and speeding recovery.
  • Digestive problems from colic to constipation and diarrhoea, can be helped as a babies and child’s stomach, intestines and spleen sometimes needs strengthening. Having a healthy and regular bowel from an early age improves feeding and sleep patterns and is more likely to lead to good digestion later in life.