Monthly Archive April 2020

ByJi Hi Health

Transformation – A time to…

Teach others to the best of your ability

Rest when you feel fatigued

Adjust daily routine in accord with the changing environment

Nourish our minds with great thinkers and bodies with nutritious food

Support others and your own emotions and beliefs

Forge deeper heartfelt connections with friends and family

Observe the beauty all around us

Reflect on what really motivates you and what creates the most value for yourself and others

Move your body freely

Attempt to learn an instrument or Language

Talk and listen to others as though you had just met for the first time

Imagine a future without bullying, war or murder

Open a book that you’ve been meaning to read for a long time

Never forget that everything is in constant motion and change at all times

 The ancient Chinese Classic writing from Laozi, the Tao The Ching Chapter 23 states

“ A squall does not last a whole morning,

A downpour does not last to the end of the day”

Yin and Yang are two expressions of time,

Yin is represented by night-time, rest, nourishment and rejuvenation

Yang is day-time, activity, work and movement